.... Synergy: The interaction of two or more treatments such that their 
                              combined effect is greater than the sum of the individual 
                            effects observed when each treatment is administered alone. 


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Why Use Vibrational Sound Therapy & Mix Holistic Modalities???.

The body is made up of energy centers known as Chakras (see chakra page)

Tuning Fork Therapy

Tuning Forks were originally used to tune instruments. When you strike a tuning fork it vibrates at a certain frequency. These frequencies have been found to assist in healing of various areas of the body.  Wen using a tuning Tuning forks are activated by striking it against a hard object or area. Once activated the fork is placed near any body part where healing would be beneficial.  Forks are also used in energetic healing by waving the fork in the area of the chakra centers and or the energy centers located along the spine. Use of tuning forks in this manner has been found to send  vibrational sound impulses to the different organs and areas of the body helping provide healing on a non invasive level. 

Reiki Therapy

What is reiki?

How is it  done?

How does it aid in my wellness?

Aroma Therapy

What is Aromatherapy?

How is it  used for synergy?

How does it aid in my wellness?


What is Meditation?

How is it  done?

How does it aid in my wellness?


What is reflexology?

How is it  done?

How does it aid in my wellness?

Singing Bowls

What are Sining Bowls? (vibration)

How are they used?

How does it aid in my wellness?

Color Light Therapy

What is Color Light Therapy?

How is it done?

How does it aid in my wellness?

Himalayan Salt Lamps

What Are Salt Lamps?

How does they aid in my wellness?