.... Synergy: The interaction of two or more treatments such that their 
                              combined effect is greater than the sum of the individual 
                            effects observed when each treatment is administered alone. 


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Tuning Fork Therapy Certification Course

Entire Course & Certification
Is Regularly $600.00


Two Ways to Get Started:

3 Monthly Payments of $133.33 
+ $18.01 S&H with 1st payment


 One full payment of $400 + $18.00 S&H

The images above DO NOT represent the tuning forks that you will receive in your student tool kit. You will only receive the Student Harmonic set shown below and a hockey puck In your tool kit along with the course material for the level one class.

Have you ever wanted to learn a Holistic skill that may allow you to feel immediate & long term physical benefits?

Have you wanted to learn a Holistic Skill that you can use on yourself, offer to others in your family & use to build a private practice full of clients? 

Guess What! A Tuning Fork Therapy Certification Course can training you in a holistic modality that you can use on yourself or on clients.

That's right! you can start a Tuning Fork Therapy practice or offer it as an additional modality in your existing Holistic or Massage practice.

1. What are tuning forks?

A tuning fork is a metal object that has one handle and two tines. The two tines vibrate when they are struck against another object. Creating sound waves.

2. What are some of the benefits of tuning forks?

Tuning forks produce sound waves.These sound  waves are used to affect the many systems of the physical body. The various systems of the body react to the sound waves and vibrations created by the tuning forks and use them to restore itself to a healthier and more harmonic base. 
There have been some remarkable studies on how various cells, especially cancer cells, respond to sound waves.  As more practitioners begin incorporating tuning forks and sound therapy into their practices, more information will be developed and shared in this exciting field.

3. Do I have to attend any retreats or in person sessions? 

No. All course work is completed through on-line & postal mail correspondence. There will be No required in person classroom or retreat sessions.

4. How are the classes structured?

Tuning Forks and course work are sent to you once you enroll an payment is received.
The classes cover the entire level one Tuning Fork Manual and are released to you in 3 sections. 
As you successfully complete one section, you progress to the next section. 
We suggest using the 6 month structure as outline in the course work but you may take as long as you wish to finish the course.

 *If you are our payment plan you will be given access to the first section. Once your second payment is received you will be given access to all other sections

5. What do I get for $400.00?
The course includes:
A. Course Manual
B. Student Level Tuning Fork Set
C. DVD demonstrating tuning fork usage
D. Course Assignments
D. Certification Test
E. Access to our Private Facebook Community where we offer:
      On-line Course work, FB Live Sessions, Tuning Fork Demonstrations, Q&A Posts & more..

Learning how to use tuning forks through this class will not guarantee you a career or job in a holistic practice but you will receive the tools and beginners techniques you need to use them on yourself and safely use them on clients. 

Course Starts September 2018..Enroll today!

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for additional enrollment information.

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