.... Synergy: The interaction of two or more treatments such that their 
                              combined effect is greater than the sum of the individual 
                            effects observed when each treatment is administered alone. 


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Welcome to Synergy
Where Relaxation, Reflexology & Reiki Combine.... 

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Synergy Sessions

Relax & Revitalize with Restful Energy Wellness Therapy

Sessions include use of  Tuning Fork Therapy┬«, Vibration,   

Sound, Crystals, Aroma Therapy, Colored Lighting 

with Targeted Reflexology & Targeted Reiki.

 Intention is held to balance chakras, cleanse aura & bring 

optimal wellness to the various energy fields of the body.

The Experience:

Meditation music & an essential oil blend fills the air as you relax 

while lying on a massage table in our soothing environment. 

Surrounded by a selenite enhanced crystal grid & Himalayan salt lamps, 

you'll experience various intuitively guided, holistic energy  management 

techniques such as tuning forks, reiki, reflexology,  & crystal placement 

all of  which combine to promote Mind Body & Soul Wellness.


*Hands On & Hands Off Reiki

*Various Tuning Forks in "fork on & fork off" manner.

* Aroma Blend Diffused (optional) 

*Crystal Placement & Grids

*Himalayan Salt Exposure 

*Guided Meditations

**Meditative Music

*Chakra Lighting

The Client:

Clients are very important to us. It is our calling to serve and it is in service we receive.

Just prior to your session, always  set intention to receive the highest benefit of wellness available.

Don't overthink what the benefit will be, just relax and allow 

*not all techniques are used at every session.

Sessions are either 30 minutes or 1 hour in duration. 

Session Fee includes a Free 15 minute Follow Up Call within 2 weeks of Session.

Dont have time for a  Synergy Session?

 Try A 15 min Chakra Energy Assessment Consultation with Targeted Reiki 

Synergy Wellness is Located In Levittown, Bucks County Pennsylvania

Distance sessions are available for Charka Assessments & Spiritual Readings

Client Reviews ......

"I had a treatment done last Sunday, all I can say is it was powerful as well as spiritual, and I am having my follow up this Sunday, to all my beautiful queens out there if you're never had a tuning fork treatment, treat yourself, you'll never regret it.".... Mr. Richard B

"I had a treatment last night and oh my what a powerful experience. I have never felt so enlightened nor cleansed and relief as I did after the session. Even the day after I feel very calm, very go with the flow and everything is good. I can deal with anything. I wish the whole world could experience this. I plan on having several members of my family receive a treatment so that they can have this wonderful gift of peace. Thank you Nicky as you rock in bringing this treatment to the highest level of spiritual quality and healing of the heart, soul, mind, and body." .... Ms. Susan N.

Still Not Sure if this is right for you?
Call to schedule a free 15 min Session. New clients only  - 1 free 15 min session per client.

Coming Soon...
Synergy Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions
Visioning, Goal Setting & On-Target Progression Tracking
Individualized & Transformational